Jo Song I have lived a varied and interesting life, including being a teacher, an actress,running a bookshop, teaching E.F.L in Paris and London ,and living six years in the central plains of Brazil.I live in a small village near St. Weonards,Herefordshire, close to both Ross on wye and Monmouth. I first came to massage at a time of great upheaval in my life. After a series of treatments, I felt much more relaxed, emotionally stronger and more able to move through this stressful time. So much so that I decided I would like to share the benefits of massage with others.

I qualified in both Swedish and Therapeutic massage after a rigorous and wonderful 2 year training with the Maitri Foundation in Stroud, and set up my own practice at the beginning of 2007.I was already a trained Doula/ Birth companion and furthered this passion to also offer massage through pregnancy. I am a registered member of the A.P.N.T (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists) and also have supervision when necessary. Every year I undertake some type of continual professional development, so that I am always learning something new. I have regular treatments myself and also love to practice Tai chi as part of my own well-being. I offer Therapeutic Massage and Pregnancy massage in Hereford at the Kyrle House practice , at Monmouth Natural Health Centre and from my home between Broad Oak and St.Weonards.
I am a qualiied tai chi movements for well being trainer, and teach this gentle art to both individuals and groups. Please see : web-site for TMW


As a therapist I create a warm and welcoming environment in which the client is able to really relax, giving great care to each client's modesty and comfort. Therapeutic Massage is an holistic therapy that treats the whole person. Each client is a unique individual with individual needs, so each treatment will be geared specifically to you, the client. At the first session, we will have a chat, and I will take a detailed case history to ensure that there are no contraindications for massage and to enable me to tailor a massage that is safe and appropriate to your specific needs.

I work in a variety of ways, and a session might include some deep tissue massage or something calming to soothe the nervous system. We could include a more specific joint or muscle release or some passive stretching. A client may come wanting help with something like sciatica, an aching lower back or tense neck and shoulders. Maybe it will simply be a deeply nourishing and relaxing massage because that is what your body needs on that day.I engage with and listen to you as a whole person. I believe that we work together in a session, it is a two-way process and I 'facilitate' your body in doing what it needs to do.

You should find that each session leaves you feeling more deeply relaxed and that any individual symptoms should diminish in their intensity as your body gets used to a healthier, more balanced way of being.