People come for Therapeutic massage for many different reasons. As a therapist I often see clients arrive stressed, anxious and weary, with restless minds and aching bodies. I see them leave relaxed,and peaceful with a lift in their general mood. I am always struck by the powerful effect of simple Nurturing Touch, this most basic of human needs, which seems to be less and less part of our culture. How often do we feel that we have to 'hold it all together' or 'brace ourselves against life'. these every day expressions reflect the way we literally 'hold it all in' as a survival strategy. We often unconsciously 'put away' our feelings by tensing our muscles, and holding ourselves in a certain way. Our bodies express so much of our personal stories. yet we often lose touch with our bodies, living in our heads, completely unaware of the tension we are carrying, 'pulled out of ourselves' as it were. This can often lead to us being run down, unwell and out of balance.

CONSCIOUS TOUCH goes beyond words. It has the power to take us out of our busy minds and help us to reinhabit our bodies. Hands that are listening and receptive, gently encourage the body to release the patterns and tension it is holding. As we relax and let go, there is an invitation to reconnect with a sense of our body awareness and vitality, to 'come back to ourselves'. I see the effect of relaxation extending to the whole person. Tense muscles register this change, and their relaxation becomes deeper and more permanent....and what's more, it feels fantastic!


Therapeutic massage can be very effective in the reversal of stress. It calms the nervous system, reduces blood pressure, lowers the heart rate, improves circulation, and is very soothing. Massage lowers the level of Cortisol, the stress hormone and increases levels of Serotonin which helps restore sleep patterns. Massage also releases the body's 'feel-good' hormones, endorphins, also the body's natural pain-killers. Inner feelings of tension and anxiety can be replaced by calm, tranquillity and a sense of emotional well-being. Therapeutic massage offers you the gift of time, space and nurturing touch. It is a chance to pause and come back to a more grounded and centred place. Many clients come to me at crucial times in their lives, and report that regular massage helps them to feel emotionally and physically stronger, and more able to meet with the challenges of everyday life


While focusing on the muscles and joints, one is at the same time reaching circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous and immune systems. The whole person is being treated. After the treatment, all the body systems are left in a healthier, more balanced state of being. Both in health and disease, many people now include Therapeutic massage as part of their health-care programme as it can:- Reduce blood pressure, Improve circulation, Eliminate toxins, Boost the Lymph system, Calm the nervous system, Lower the heart rate, Lower blood sugar levels, restore sleep patterns.


DEEPLY RELAXING, Therapeutic massage can also help with a huge range of ailments. These are too numerous to mention but include:-